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Thread: Tips to make the Cambridge Diet Journey Easier!

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    now got pictures in album

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    Tips to make the Cambridge Diet Journey Easier!

    I was writing in my blog, about all the ideas I've thought about on my journey and I thought it might be an idea to put together some kind of guide for each other, what other people have found really helps them along their journey? I'm by no means an expert but the following things have really helped me along the way and I hope they help someone else.

    Please add your own too!

    1. Make sure you take a picture of yourself, front view, back view, both sides, on the day you start your Cambridge Diet Journey.

    2. Take pictures every 4 weeks as above so that you can see yourself getting slimmer, and make them into a photo journal. I have printed mine off and have in a photo album so that when I am feeling hungry etc. I keep looking at it!

    3. Get measured!! If you dont want your CDC to measure you, then do it yourself! You might not think it's a great idea at first but when you have small losses, it's so amazing when you have lost inches off your waist instead!! Do this every 4 weeks!

    4. Subscribe to Lighterlife Magazine. I do this online so that I get a discount. I find this magazine really motivational and similar to Cambridge Diet and I love when it comes through the post. Also buy the Cambridge Diet Magazine from your CDC. Reading the stories and tips will really help you through your journey!

    5. Buy yourself something for every stone you lose. I have bought jewerly, all kinds of things and it's wonderful and exciting to buy stuff when you lose another stone!

    6. When you first start CD, buy a piece of clothing that you want to get into, that is a few sizes lower than what you are and hang it somewhere where you will see it everyday, I have a lovely top that is in a size 14 that I would like to get into and it really helps me!

    7. Go to charity shops and buy clothes that are one size lower than one you are, I have trousers that are size 22, 20, 18, 16. I am currently a size 22, but I started a size 32/34 and had trousers that were 28, 26 and 24 that I now cant wear because they are too big!

    8. Sell your 'fat' clothes on eBay! Honestly, it is so much fun and you will make some money for your 'new slimmer' clothes! I've sold quite a few things now from Evans that have gone for nearly what I paid for them new! People go crazy bidding for clothes on eBay!

    9. If you dont like eBay, then, get rid of your fat clothes from your wardrobe, and take them to a charity shop. Not only are you doing something for the greater good, but you will feel so wonderful with a wardrope that is now free from clothes that are too big for you!

    10. Keep one pair of fat trousers and one fat top. I have a size 32/34 of both and I look at them all the time. I used to be too tight for these, and they are a reminder that I never want to be able to fit into them again!

    11. Moisturise your skin! I use bio-oil on a daily basis, for my skin, as I do not want to have too much saggy skin, but remember, to use it every single day and dont forget about it! It really does help!

    12. I use Lush products for my hair, it has thinned a little since being on the diet but nothing to worry about, they do some lovely hair conditioners that you leave on and they are really wonderful. Make sure to look after your hair while you are on this diet.

    14. Keep a blog! I have kept a blog from day one and it is very useful to read back when you are feeling weak. If you dont want something online, write a journal, it is good to write about your feelings!

    15. With the water, get a big jug and fill the whole thing with icecubes and then keep refilling it with your water, so that everytime you pour it into your glass, it's really cold. I find that having fizzy water with the water flavourings is just like having fanta!
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    Serena's title didn't fit

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    Wonderful tips! :-)

    Have nothing to add but might have in a while ;-)

    xxx Lostris

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    Can't think of a title

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    Great tips! The only thing I would add is:

    Don't cheat on the spur of the moment! Your CD journey will be soooo much easier if you don't!

    Even if cheating doesn't affect your weigh-in it will almost certainly affect your whole outlook to your CD journey. Instead of being of the positive mindset that you are choosing to give up conventional food for a while in order to acheive your goal, you will instead have that daily battle in your head of "shall I or shan't I eat such-and-such". Unless you are very lucky cheating will mean that you subsequently struggle through many days having that mental battle and feeling miserable and deprived as a result. Yes it's really hard sometimes but we've all tried moderation before and we know it doesn't work for us...yet

    One last thing (sorry to go on!) if you do cheat then don't beat yourself up about it, what's done is done, however do try and work out why you did it rather than just thinking "damn I've blown it now" or "phew got away with that one..." - neither are very productive!

    (Note I am not talking about planned "cheats" which can work for some people )
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    Thanks for the tips, they are great, and we all need the reminders even if it's something we already know. We wouldn't be here otherwise!

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    Stubborn tortoise

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    Lily, brilliant to see these tips on a thread for everyone to share... you've done amazingly well so I guess we have the proof that these tips work!!! I've been using quite a few of them since checking out your blog a while ago, so thanks... we need all the help we can get! Wise words on the 'cheat' thing too Serena )

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    Lillypop these are very useful tips, I never thought about selling my clothes on ebay (got loads from Evans), I've always given them to charity but worth a try. I'm also going to do a little scrapbook of photos to remind me how the weight is coming off. I've used a fat photo in my profile pic to spur me on. Could that be another tip?

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