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Thread: planning a day off - best way to do this

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    planning a day off - best way to do this

    Hi all,

    just wondering what the safest way is to plan to drink alcohol on this plan. I am planning a couple of glasses of wine this friday for a celebration but i want to do this safely and know i will need to not be inKetosis. So, do i stick to the 1000 plan for the day of friday, will this be ok, then back on plan on sat?

    would love to know your thoughts and experiences.


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    My honest advice? don't, because it's not worth it... trust me it really isn't!
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    I agree xx

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    i've gone off plan briefly for special occasions and have successfully had a small amount of alcohol following carbs and been fine.

    the key thing is to remember you can't have the quantity you would (food or drink) if you were completely off the diet. i would warn you that you may find that you get an upset stomach from eating food that your body isn't used to, so be extra careful with the quantity of carbs you have. also, i think the time between food makes a difference - so if you are eating later in the evening, have a product mid-afternoon so you've not bombarding an empty stomach with carbs.

    i have also done a few special occasions with no alcohol whatsoever, so either way can be done!

    a lot depends on how long you've been on the diet and how long you've got left to go. if you're several weeks in and have several weeks left, i think a small break can help you cope. if you're not far into the diet, a break may encourage you to give it up completely.
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    wk42: -2lbs

    Step5 (1500)
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    wk44: STS

    1000cal (no CD)
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    good advice

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