So annoyed with myself as I lost nearly five stone in 2011 and kept it off for my daughters wedding last year so I can do it! Put a little on last Xmas but got it off again for our holiday in May this year. all went wrong!!! Now Ive put the majority back on and I know it's possibly not the best time to start this close to Xmas but I know I can lose a stone by then. Ok so I will probably put it back on over the festivities but if I don't do something now when I'm feeling so low, I could potentially put at least another stone on over the next few weeks. Does everyone think I'm silly starting now?

I also thought I can keep myself really busy from now till Xmas what with Decs, shopping and wrapping for 4 Grandsons. I also host Xmas for 9 of us so logical thinking says I will be too busy to worry about food!!!!

Wish me luck!