My sister tried out the Cambridge diet, and didn't do so well, so I've gained her leftovers, and considering i've got a little bit of holiday weight I was thinking of going on the step 3 (810) or step 4 for a few weeks to remove it (or even try it as a version of the 5:2 diet).

So I'm armed with some shakes, and messaged my old consultant for some lemon bars and then began to look for my guide.... where the hell is my guide?! I'm annoyed, i've lost the key thing that i require to start up again on my own! May I please steal some info for each of the steps... there's no need to list all the veggies, i recall what i had, its more the weight of things on each of the steps and the amount of products.

any info is awesome, until then i'm tearing rooms apart, as i know i had my guide last month *twitches at the eye*