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Thread: Restarting Today with New Consultant

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    Restarting Today with New Consultant

    Hello, restarting today.
    Lost 3 stone with Cambridge last year and got to first goal.
    Have pretty much maintained bar a couple of pounds.
    Wanted to lower target by a stone as BMI is 26 but consultant was not keen. Have tried faffing around with other diets to try and loose it on my own but can't do it so after original consultant not getting back to my texts I have rejoined with someone new.
    Aiming to loose a stone by summer taking total loss to 11 stone.
    Worried it will be a lot harder this time but really it should only be 4-6 weeks. Going to be on SS+/ step 2 depending on how hungry I feel.
    Feeling quite disappointed u didn't carry on when I was in the swing of it this time last year to lose the final stone but hope it won't take long to do now.
    Good Luck all xxx

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    The main thing is your here now so don't beat urself up. You can do it, just get first week out of the way and you'll soon be back in the swing if things!

    Good luck


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    7th January 2014

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