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Thread: Back on Sole Source Plus

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    Back on Sole Source Plus

    I have been on cambridge since 2012...I was doing so well, until 2013 summer. i started yo yo'ing and messed with my weight loss...when i first started i was 13.9 stones i lost weight till i was 11.8stones, i then got into the habbit of eating and couldn't seem to lose more weight. my target was to be 11stones...i am now back to where i started and now currently weigh again 14.4stones more then i was when i first started. i am back on sole source plus..and i am on day 2. i have lost all my motivation!
    i work full time, which is very hard as am always around food lovers...weekends are not so bad as i keep myself busy and do things...

    wish me luck i am giving myself a few months now to be strict and to get to my actual target!

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    Hi, I'm here going through the same struggles. I was going good for 2 weeks then bam! Next thing I know, motivation, challenges, everything flies out the window. It's demoralizing, frustrating, self inflicted torture, I hate feeling like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lou x

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    Hey it is hard what plan are you on? Av had my main meal for today during lunch m so hungry I got one shake left to take fr the day

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    Start Weight: 14st2.4lb
    Current Weight: 12st3.5lb
    Goal Weight: 9st6.3lb
    Goal Date: hopefully September 2014 :-)

    Total Weight Loss: 1st12.9lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st11.2lb
    % Lost 13.56%
    good luck

    Starting weight 90 Kg…… Target at 65: Tummy tuck

    Progress weight

    Weekend 1 - 84.5 Kg
    Weekend 2 - 82.2 Kg
    Weekend 3 - 81.4 Kg
    Weekend 4 - 80.5 Kg
    Weekend 5 - 79.3 Kg …. bye bye 80sssss
    Weekend 6 - 78.2 Kg
    Weekend 7 -
    Weekend 8 -
    Break …… hope to maintain it
    Weekend 9 -
    Weekend 10 -
    Weekend 11 -
    Weekend 12 -

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    good luck with you!

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