I once did my Myers Briggs personality test. It really helped me to understand the kind of person I am, without judging whether that is a good or bad thing. The MBPT and my husband have helped me to accept and enjoy who I am, sometimes. I am a mass of contradictions.

I am a woman who hates shopping and who hates talking on the phone. I would much rather email or text. I do not enjoy parties, instead I enjoy quiet evenings with a my family and/or one or two friends. I do not enjoy big gatherings or mingling but feel fine talking at a conference or in a big lecture. I am not interested in fashion but do enjoy being creative.

I am naturally drawn to science and research but highly value the arts and caring. I enjoy all aspects of philosophy- epistemology, ethics, theology, metaphysics- but find my mind gets scrambled easily as I think about them. I am not sure what I believe as there is always debate in my mind but my heart tells me that there is more than just the physical life. My favourite present as a child was a thesaurus.

I love Christmas. I love cooking. I hate wrapping presents and hate washing up. I live in London and love the city but dream of life in the country, not too far from the city. I love multiculturalism and that my children know people and cultures from all over the world. I would miss that if we moved.

I am frustrated in my current job but love being a nurse and am passionately committed to raising professional standards. I sometimes wish I had studied law and am glad I work with those who have committed horrendous crimes. I would love to be a housewife and not go to work! I wish for a quiet life but enjoy being a mother, back up foster carer, nurse, school governor and doctoral student.

I do not want to be focused on being 'slim' but would like to be! I kid myself it is about being healthy but know in my heart it is also vanity. I find it hard to believe my husband loves me and fancies me whatever weight I have been but also know it is true.

I love my children dearly and want to bring them up to be independent and with all the life skills they need to fulfil their dreams but I never want to let them go! I encourage them to take part in the activities they want to do but, rather than wanting them to learning the skills in dance, netball, swimming, football, piano and karate, what I really desire is to create happy memories of childhood for them and a foundation of love. I want them to be challenged academically without pushing them too much. I support their learning at home but will not get them extra tuition. Outside of school time and homework they need to enjoy themselves and play.

I want the best for them but would never pay for private education nor send them to a grammar school. I suppose I do not think they are best! I love the fact that their education involves learning alongside and being exposed to people of all abilities and all walks of life. I love that their feet are firmly planted in reality and they have developed a strong tolerance to difference.

I apparently have a 'posh' accent and come from a white, middleclass, Tory voting, business owning family and they are slightly bemused by me, although always supportive if a little confused of my left wing ways and multicultural marriage.

I can rate my satisfaction with life by the number of lottery tickets I buy- currently none!

I would love to get to know you but also know that I will end up letting you down as there is never enough time in the day!