My weight loss journey is mine and my responsibility. In the past I lost weight with CD. I had a fabulous consultant who I felt celebrated with me and encouraged me on my journey through the good times and when I struggled. Despite knowing I was too far to return to her she rang a few months after I left her to see how I was. She was amazing.
Then I saw a couple who worked as consultants together. My experience was not so positive. I felt like I was on a conveyor belt when they saw everyone on a Saturday morning. Queues in the hall, then one person having their money taken in the same room as another having their measurements done. Never a call, text or email between the strict Saturday morning weigh ins. And strictly no shoes in the house! I could not stay with it and felt more and more annoyed at the lack of privacy and the feeling that I was a money maker for them. I gave up.
I maintained about 7lbs above target for 2 years and then the weight rapidly went on. I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem. This is now treated.
I am delighted to say I have found a local consultant who is an absolute gem. She is flexible, positive, encouraging and gets so much pleasure from the results. It has made me realise how important the consultant is to me and that I have to feel warmth and encouragement from that person in order for it to work. I am sure the couple's approach suits some people and my consultant would not suit others but I think I am saying that it is important to find the right one for you!