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Thread: My journey to get the old me back!

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    My journey to get the old me back!

    Hey everyone,

    After reading and seeing a few diaries on here I thought it would be quite a good idea if I did one to track my emotions, feelings and weight loss through my CD journey.

    Progressively over the last 3 years my weight has increased and increased ultimately since I met my partner! I have tried every diet you can think of! WW, SW, 5:2, eating healthy and lots of exercise but nothing helps me lose the 4 stone that I have put on over this time! I really am horrified! Always being the skinny girl but eating whatever I like growing up left me thinking I could do the same through my late teens and into my twenties but it didn't quite work like that!

    After feeling like I have been on a diet for the last 3/4 years but actually being heavier now than I was at the beginning, clearly the diets haven't worked. When I saw a local Cambridge consultant flash up on my Facebook page I decided to have a nose. When I decided to calculate my BMI on her page I was shocked to see that I no longer fell into overweight and was now in the obese category! Being only 5ft3 it's horrible to think if I was a little bit taller I wouldn't look so fat!

    Anyways, it's my birthday in a few months so I have decided to take action. My aim is to lose 4 and half stone however my consultant has limited me to 2 and half for the time being! Not to sure why!! Very frustrating! So Tuesday evening I met with my consultant and she went through everything I needed to know! I got my shakes and off I went!

    Wednesday was diet day 1. The shakes aren't amazing but they are not unbearable! I was told that day 1 & 2 would be the hardest. So it's day 2 today and yesterday I had no cravings for food! Day 2 and I'm still not craving food! I am very impressed! For me my downfall is chocolate. With the chocolate shakes it means I still get that hit! I hate normal diets as I'm a fussy eater! It means I have to think about every meal and am very limited on my choices! With this diet I don't need to make any choice at all which I love. Anyways I know it's early days but I'm giving myself 3 months to almost be where I want to be! Fingers crossed I can do it ladies!

    Anyone else started over the last few days? How's everyone else going that's on the diet?

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    Hiya here to follow and be your buddy as u said on my diary :-) xx

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    Good luck ladies on your journey.x

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    Morning, how u doing, I'm on my second week and doing ok, I lost 7lb my first week, it's hard but u just have to remember it's not forever, I've had a few blips but managed to get back on track, I need to lose 4 stone too, I'm just taking 1 week at a time, good luck over the weekend xx

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    Sarah just read your comment and that is a good thing to remember "this is not forever"

    Cocobels - Good luck and look forward to following your journey x

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