Hi all, I'm 37 a mum of one 14yrd old and really bad at losing weight!

I was fit and healthy until 3 1/2 yrs ago - I took an office job which meant not working away from home in holidays and weekends, but sitting on my tush all day long and constant picking at food has made me put on 3 stone! (ok so the wine hasn't helped) Can't belive I have let it happen! My office job now includes going away monthly for meetings which revolve around food!

So i began SS last September, but didn't like my consultant so after 2 weeks gave up and thought I could just do it on my own.....

Well THAT didn't happen so started again with a new CDC and I am now on week 3. I lost 9lbs on week 1, but STS on week 2 so feeling abit down about it now.

DO NOT TELL ME to drink more water i drink 4lts a day plus lots of peppermint tea - the up side being all the exercise walking to the toilets (I do get a few funny looks as i am up and down all day)

Anyway wanted to say hi, and hopefully if I start writing a diary I can motivate myself to carry on.

I enjoy reading all of your updates