Hello day 1.

Today is my first day back onto Cambridge first started just under two years ago with fantastic results. But I enjoy my food to much and slipped back into old eating habits and put weight back on minus a stone of my original weight two years ago. I have learnt to eat a lot healthier since my last time on this diet but sometimes nandos or a bag of milky buttons is abit to tempting and I over do it.

over the past two years I have been going to the gym on and off and been committed for the past 3 months but like I say I enjoy my food to much and haven't had the self control to eat in moderation, as I thought I went to the gym a bar of chocolate wouldn't matter.

I feel Cambridge is the only way I can successfully shift the two stone I would like in time for the summer and maybe a little more if I'm lucky. My goal is to happily fit into size 10 with out a struggle I'm currently a between 12 - 14 (I think I'm fooling myself and more a 14).

I'm also a vegetarian so have been eating a lot of carbs which hasn't helped with my weight at all. I enjoy pasta an awful lot with mountains of cheese so if anyone's got any good vegetarians recipes for someone on step 2 I would be highly grateful.