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Thread: mood isuues

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    mood isuues

    I'm still new to this whole CD thing, it's only my second week but I noticed this week I have very bad mood issues I get angry faster and I get depressed easily. I'm not usually an angry person in fact I'm the opposite of that however this week I noticed the change. maybe it's because I'm usually an emotional eater and now I can't eat to feel better (short term at least) or maybe it's related to cutting carbs, calories or whatever.

    did any one have/ had the same problem ??? and if so how can I fix that ???
    week 1 (-7 lb)
    week 2 ?
    week 3?
    week 4 ?

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    On a rapid weight loss diet hormones are released into the blood and upset the hormone balance that can cause mood swings, irregular periods and also lead to increased fertility so it is always best to take extra precaution. When you come off the diet it will revert to norm...I do know of some members in the past and the mood swings were insufferable that they had to come off the diet.

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