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    Smile My Journey

    Hello everybody,

    I am struggling this morning, and it's only day one. So I thought I would register for this site and begin a 'blog-like' post to share how I feel and hopefully gain some support from you all.

    I lost 6 stone last year with Cambridge, fell pregnant twice and miscarried both times. I have gained 3 of the 6 stone back. I am desperate to lose them again, but it seems food is my only comfort.

    What do you turn to for comfort instead of food when you are on sole source or sole source+?

    I am disappointed in myself as after I lost the weight last year, I trained up to become a Consultant. I even had clients of my own! However, when it comes to losing weight again this time around.. I just cannot motivate myself. I am no longer a consultant, I resigned as I just did not have the motivation for myself let alone my clients!

    So it's day one today, I am not even ready or out of bed yet (I'm not working today so had a lay in, I am not usually this lazy!).

    I am already convincing myself that I shouldn't diet today, I should 'enjoy' myself as it's the weekend, a day of work etc... I deserve to pig out.

    Does anyone else do this? Try to convince themselves they should eat rubbish? How do you combat this type of thinking?

    How do you all stay motivated?

    I am still getting to grips with this site, so you will have to bear with me. I'd love to make some diet friends/buddies, so if you are facing your own challenges or have any tips for me then post away and we'll help each other get through this!
    Peace and Love x

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    Goal Date: July 2013

    BMI Information:
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    Hi my- journey,

    I can relate to you in more ways than one! I have also done cambridge before and regained all of my weight ( and more) due to emotional eating.

    I also lost 2 pregnancies due to miscarriage and an ectopic. It has taken me 6 months to sort my head and my head but I have made a choice.....

    I am doing cwp for me! You must do this for yourself and no one else, you are worth it! I don't think of this as a diet and that I can't have the foods that I used to turn to. I have made the choice and don't want or need the foods from before, I want to be healthy and happy for myself and with myself.

    You are worth this and can do it!!!!

    Week 1- lost 6.5lbs
    Week 2 -lost 2lbs and 3 1/4 inches
    Week 3 - lost 4 1/4lbs
    Week 4 and 5 - 6 3/4 lbs 5 3/4 inches
    week 6 -lost 2.5lb
    week 7 - lost 3.5lb

    5 weeks off plan. Restarted 9/5/2013 (weighed on my scales this morning)

    Week 1 -
    Visit my diary :

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    I started today never done anything like this before! I was so tempted to put it off until Monday but then i'd only find an excuse then too, so cracked on with it. You've done it before so it proves you can do it again!! When you want to pig out just think of all the reasons you are trying to lose weight for to give you motivation. You will succeed, no need to be disappointed, we need to make mistakes to learn from them!

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    Goal BMI: 21.5

    Total Weight Loss: 2st10lb
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    % Lost 17.84%
    Hi sweetie....I would say that it just takes time to unassosiate food with was only a couple of weeks ago at around week six ish that I didn't think of food I got stressed. In the six weeks before that if stressed, tired, bored I would just have to distract myself and keep really busy ..... Or I'd let myself have a couple of boiled eggs but in the meantime I was just seriously grumpy!! Good luck! You can do it.....all you ladies can!!! Xx
    Week one- 7.2lbs off

    Goal one : To get one stone off!
    Goal two: To get two stone off!
    Goal three: To get three stone off!
    Goal four: To get 3.5 stone off!
    Goal five: To fit into a size 10!

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    Hello dear! Yes it is very difficult to stay motivated) Especially if you are an emotional eater like me for example;-)) It is difficult to change your food habbits for one day! you should understand that it will take time. Don't blame yourself for your desire to junk food;-) I think all of us at the beginning were the same. Motivation is a great power! As soon as you lose few pounds your motivation will rise up to the skies! Be patient;-) Good luck to you! I am sure you will achieve all of your goals!

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