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Thread: Minus 117 - 100 lbs gone!!

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    Diet: Cambridge
    Height: 5ft5in
    Start Date: 07.01.2014
    Start Weight: 22st10.0lb
    Current Weight: 11st9.0lb
    Goal Weight: 10st10lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 52.9
    Current BMI: 27.1
    Goal BMI: 25

    Total Weight Loss: 11st1lb
    Weight to Lose: 0st13lb
    % Lost 48.74%

    Minus 117 - 100 lbs gone!!

    Hi everyone!

    I thought I would start my own diary on here Ė I have one somewhere else on the forums, but Cambridge is where itís at : )

    Iím Laura / Minus 117.
    Minus 117 because originally I wanted to lose 117 lbsÖ now Iím soooo close to that target (17 lbs to go lol), I need to make a new one!

    I started Cambridge on 7th January this year - Iím now on Day 203 and so far Iíve lost 100 lbs / 7 stone 2, which is roughly one stone a month.

    Because of my high BMI, I started on Step 3 and I did this for a few months.
    I lost on average 4 Ė 6 lbs a week.
    So many people are like Ďohh you donít lose as much on Step 3íÖ. Righttttt ok.

    After a few months on Step 3, I moved down to Step 2 and more or less the same losses per week, then I eventually moved down to Step 1, which Is what Iím on at the moment and still averaging 4-6 lbs loss a week.

    Iíve been 100% every day, apart from 1 day off for my Birthday in April, where I gained 4 lbs the next day, but managed to get it straight off in 2 days Yay!

    I donít see the point in Ďcheatingí at the moment. I pay £40 something per week for this, and what a right waste it would be if I got shitty losses or no losses that week because I wanted to indulge and then feel sorry for myself, and it would totally be my own fault.
    Itís honestly been SO hard, one of the hardest things Iíve ever done, but I take each day as it comes and stay focusedÖ
    I just have to remember why Iím doing this.

    I keep a day to day paper diary, what products I have, how Iím feeling that day, Non Scale Victories, mini targets, etc. Sounds lame, but I find it helps me!

    I also post everything that I eat / drink on Insta G Ram Ė my user name is minus117 on there, so feel free to follow me!
    Itís great for motivation, and keeps me sane.
    If you donít post it, means you canít eat it / cheated Ö thatís the way I see it.
    So yeah, lots of fancy photos of my 3 products a day, ace!
    Iím on a mission at the moment, my eye is on the prize and nothing is gonna stop me

    My starting weight was a hefty 22 stone 10 lbs / 317 lbs, and I made a first target to get to 14 stone 4 lbs / 200 lbs and Iím sooo close, only 14 lbs to go.
    Once I get there, I will make a new target but my main mission is to get to 200 lbs.
    I canít even remember the last time I was below 200 lbsÖ. Iím racking my brain and it was probably when I left school to go to college back in the day!
    I was always a size 14Ö. My Mum keeps saying to me ďyouíll never be a size 12.Ē
    I aim to prove her wrong

    I have holidays booked in 5 weeks and Iím so excited because for once, I have so much confidence now and canít wait to go clothes shopping in Primark and not in plus size bits!
    A well deserved treat I say : )

    So yeah, I will update on here with how Iím getting on.
    I visit my consultant every Monday night after my work, so I have my weigh in tonight at 8pm, soooo excited!

    Ohhh and hereís a progress photo Day 1 vs Day 200 taken last week in my work toilets =]

    Minus 117 - 100 lbs gone!!-day-200.jpg

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    Diet: Cambridge
    Height: 5ft8in
    Start Date: 17/07/14
    Start Weight: 16st0lb
    Current Weight: 14st7lb
    Goal Weight: 13st0lb
    Goal Date: September 20th 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 34.1
    Current BMI: 30.9
    Goal BMI: 27.7

    Total Weight Loss: 1st7lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st7lb
    % Lost 9.38%
    Wow! What a transformation! I am on day 12 and really struggling today for the first time. Really hungry for some reason. I have been doing SS+ and Step 2. Keeping everything really low carb and low calorie. I have lost 11lbs so can see it is working but today is the first day I want to dive face first into bowls and bowls of carbs!!
    You look great and have done so well. Your determination levels are amazing! It's stories like this that keep me going when the going gets tough!

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    Wow that's an amazing loss and it only took you 6 months!!! Incredible.

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