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Thread: Change in ourselves

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    Change in ourselves

    Im looking for opinions about when you finally notice a change in how you look yourself. For me I find it easy having people telling me I've lost weight but I want to know when we'll see it ourselves.. Although only loosing 9lb so far I still see fat miserable me.. Is anyone noticing change or feeling the same?

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    You will only see the change in body when feeling better in mind my child

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    Diet: cambridge
    Height: 5ft4in
    Start Date: 26.08.2013
    Start Weight: 13st6lb
    Current Weight: 11st3lb
    Goal Weight: 9st0lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 32.3
    Current BMI: 26.9
    Goal BMI: 21.6

    Total Weight Loss: 2st3lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st3lb
    % Lost 16.49%
    Hey I'm not sure ur still interested in this but here's my input. I weighed 13st 6 to start and it took about a stone and a half before I felt a change in myself even tho everyone around me had been saying I look slimmer after my first weeks loss of 10lbs. I continued to notice myself until about last week at 2 stone loss. But now a week later Ive gone back to my previous thinking that I still look big and the flabby bits are going to be there forever. It's like at first because it happened so quick my brain noticed the changes but now my losses have slowed its like my brain has caught up with what's happening n now I don't feel any different than before. The way I keep motivated is by the fitting of my clothes. Because then everyday I notice them getting slightly looser. Sorry for waffling. And I hope that kind of makes sense haha.
    Start: 13st 6lb
    wk 1: 10lbs
    Wk 2: 3lbs
    Wk 3: 3lbs. (One stone loss)
    WK 4: 5lbs
    Wk 5: 1lb
    WK 6: 4lb
    Wk 7: 3lb ( two stone loss)
    WK 8: 2lb half way!!!
    Goal: 9st

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    It's nice that someone else feels like I do I've done a stone and a half and I can only notice my face and my boobs haha, my partner said he can see it in my legs cos il be honest they're like trunks. I'm hoping to do 7lbs in 2 weeks and maybe see a change x

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