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Thread: 200lb to Lose

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    200lb to Lose


    I am really struggling with the diet today; and reading these posts is helping so much! I thought that writing might help as well.

    I did Cambridge Diet a few years ago and only lasted a couple of weeks on it; but my Mom was inspired seeing me try it and ended up losing 6 stone on it. I've tried a few other diets since but I struggle so much with a busy job to plan and shop and cook... Cambridge Diet does seem to be the ideal solution. My grandmother used to sell the diet in the 80's and one of my earliest memories is playing with the boxes and packets that she stored in her office!! I guess I've been raised to do this diet

    I live in a shared house with 2 men, both of whom are skinny and eat whatever they want. I've been overweight my whole life; the last time I wore a size 16 I was 16 years old!!!! Now I'm 31 and wear a size 32-34. I can't imagine ever not being the fat girl!!!

    I started CD on Friday, so today is my 5th day. So far it's been fine, I haven't been crazy hungry and I have no problem with the shakes. I'm only drinking chocolate tetras as I found before that I hated the powders. I'm having 4 shakes a day as I shouldn't really be doing SS but my CDC said I could have 4 shakes + 2 pints of milk. I really hate milk, but I'm trying to have it in coffee. I haven't been having my full 2 pints but until today I felt fine so I didn't think it was the end of the world - when I did the diet before I was allowed to SS on 3 shakes as it was before the guidelines changed. I think today I'll be popping out to buy some milk at lunchtime though!

    My younger sister who lives at home with my parents is on holiday this week; so I've moved into her room for a week for the support of my Mom as she really understands and loves the diet. I know she'll keep me on it!!

    I had my first shake at 9am this morning and my plan was to have the second at 1pm, 3rd at 5pm and then last one about 8pm which is when my parents eat dinner; so I could sit with them. I am STRUGGLING this morning though! I've drank 2 litres of water already to try and fill my tummy up, I'm so hungry and it keeps rumbling! I am writing this now to try and keep me busy until 1pm. I work in an office that has a biscuit tin that gets passed round twice a day, a canteen that's open 24 hours and does breakfast, lunch and dinner really cheap (the company pay a percentage of the cost) and a lot of birthdays and cakes. Someone has been talking about going to get samosas for everyone aaaahhh!! I am just trying to retreat into my corner and keep as busy as I can

    When I did it before days 2 and 3 were the worst and it was much easier afterwards - for some reason those days were fine and now I feel so ill and weak and hungry The girls in my office are all big fans of Slimming World and think this diet is a bit crazy; so I don't want to complain to them!

    I had better pull myself together and get some work done. I wanted to start a thread on here as this forum is my saviour when I struggle, so hopefully in 12 months I can post that I've lost 200lb on here and someone in my situation will be helped out of a sausage sandwich situation too

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    Hey beau you can do this. Try to remain positive. In about a day or two you will feel so much better. Your body is just trying to adjust.

    I am currently in my 13th week and cannot believe it. I think you should remain as busy a possible and whenever possible take a nap, glass of water or go for a walk.

    I believe in you girl x

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    Hi Qwetypi

    I think its understandable to have ups and downs on this one - I majorly struggled for the first week, second week was fine but today I'm finding really hard so go figure.

    Its unfortunate sitting in an office full of other people eating - I know exactly what you mean. The guys I work with stuff their faces all day and are as slim as anything... It is hard but you just have to grin and bare it.

    Just a thought... perhaps you might be better with 810? That way you get to have a light meal, don't need to worry so much about the milk and may find your self fuller and less worried about food??


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    How is it going Qwetypi?

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