Hi all,
I started on this diet on the 17th March and have lost 6stone 2 lb, and I am, for the first time in my life a healthy weight ;o). I have a target of 9st 7lb, but its taking me ages to loose that last 12lb, I have mostly been on step 1 with the odd week on step 2. me and hubby went to vegas a couple of weeks ago and when I got back I put on 7lb, whoops, wasn't even bad, but obviously worse than shakes ;o). so since I got back I have been back on the shakes and step 1. I have WI on monday and feel that I am tempted to change by goal weight to 10stone, but last time I mentioned
that my consultant didn't agree and said I should stick to my 9.7 which I am actually happy to do, but worried its taking so long.

I am due to move to step 3 next week (I think), and am worried it will slow weightloss even longer.

Has anyone else had this happen? get to last stone and it take ages, or does it pick up again.. and can I start excercising on step 3?

Thanks all.