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Thread: The Dreaded Wagon

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    The Dreaded Wagon

    Hey ladies, both old and new!

    I was a member of the CS forum for a while aggges ago.....even posted a before and after....

    Well, recently I have been feeling particulary miserable. Miserable about putting back on all the weight I had lost previous (although moving house, getting a new job, my nanna being put into a home, my uncle dying, my fella nearly losing his job, etc, etc makes the stress a little more unbearable) and now I am ready...I try again.

    I wanted to try something a little more extreme though, so I have been looking along the lines of LL and meal replacement, losing a tone of weight....sounds good....the part that doesnt sound good is the 70 a week price tag that comes with it, compared to the 25-30 a week on CS.

    I went to an information session last night for LL, came out sobbing after she told me how much I weighed.

    Had a heart to heart with the OH who isnt happy about me total meal replacing, thinking that althought the weight will come off me quickly and being left with saggy skin. Also the price as well scares too if Im honest.

    What do you think? The CS wagon again?

    Sorry for rambling on....

    Sooz xx

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    Morning Hun

    This is my honest opinion, stick to what you know.

    Friends of mine have done LL,Diet chef etc.. and they have achieved theyre goal but found it very hard to start eating again and one of them is just been diagnosed with depression as shes constantly worried about food.

    I know this doesn't happen to everyone. But if I was you stick to cs and when you reach your goal carry on with the maintance stage for a while. and then slowely introduce more foods.

    Of course you can't carry on with cs for the rest of your life, but it will help you to retrain you idea on eating healthily.

    Sorry to hear that you have had a rubbish time, just think positive you have done it once before you can do it again.

    Love Soph x

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