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Thread: how does it work?

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    how does it work?

    hey guys, i'm thinking of trying celebrity slim, could anyone explain how it works to me, i.e what you're allowed a day, how many shakes etc?will be much appreciated!thanks xx

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    Total Weight Loss: 39lb
    Weight to Lose: 17lb
    % Lost 17.26%
    So far I'm on day 6. It consists of 2 shakes a day, a meal and three snacks.
    Snacks: 1/2 a medium apple or orange (I normally have 1 half for morning break and the other for afternoon break). evening snack can be a small amount of berries (strawberries, rasapberries etc) or a small hunk of cheese. You can also have nuts but I dont like em so..
    Dinner: Today I had a small fillet steak with shallots, button mushrooms and garlic sautéed in a small amount of olive oil, asparagus, japanese broccoli (like and asparagus/broccoli mix) and a very small rocket salad. Drizzled the steak with balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper.

    Basically no carbs, no sugar, no snacks that aint allowed...
    I was gonna skip snacks but apparently the eating every 3 hours ups your metabolism and helps the weightloss....

    Cant think of much else to tell ya, any questions? :P

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