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Thread: New dawn, new day and I WILL FEEL GOOD! My CS diary. 27/5/14

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    New dawn, new day and I WILL FEEL GOOD! My CS diary. 27/5/14

    I really do not think anybody is about on this forum anymore but after a five year break (and the bad news is I am exactly the same weight!!) I am starting CS tomorrow and I wanted to keep a daily log and have decided to do it on here away from friends and family where I can be totally open and honest.

    I am 45, live with my partner and son in the UK and have about 5-6 stone to lose. Will weigh myself in the morning on day 1. I am about 18'7. I am 5'11 and would be very happy at 14 stone. I have done CS before for a few weeks but fell off wagon but in last five years I have really enjoyed doing low carb (atkins/harcombe) but have lost sod all weight. This time I HAVE TO DO IT. I have been overweight since I was about 24 and massively overweight for last 6 years or so. I am size 22. I hate it and it affects my moods and confidence so much. I sometimes suffer with depression (I was on tablets but felt well enough to come off them) and I know the main reason is my weight, hate it!

    A few things are going to help me with my weight loss:
    I am reading "The Secret" and its so good for getting you in the right frame of mind for dieting and feeling good. Will be dipping into that a lot.
    Will be using "Becks diet solution" also as a support for my diet journey
    I am really going to work off this all or nothing approach I have. When I cheat I wont throw the diet in - if you smashed a bottle of beer out of a six pack you wouldn't throw the rest in the bin would you?! A blip doesnt ruin a diet.

    Ok enough ramblings for now. We are out for tea tonight for nieces birthday - going to have a carb fest!!! Later or In the morning I will be back!! I hope to find some buddies on here as seems easier to do it in numbers!!

    Diz x
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    Hope all is going well for you x

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