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Thread: Help 7 days in - lost nothing!

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    Help 7 days in - lost nothing!

    I have been on Slim and Save (just 4 packs) for a week and lost nothing. Some years ago with Lighterlife I lost 11 in the first week.

    I have not cheated and just had black tea/coffee and water. I feel thinner but nothing has moved on the scales.

    I am on various pills for high blood pressure and take Provera (a progestin) as perimenopausal. Could those be having an effect?

    I don't know what to do. I think I am in ketosis as have had energy the last couple of days after feeling awful for 5.

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    Hi there. That must be so frustrating for you!

    My first question would be how good are your scales? Get on and off 3 times, if the numbers are different, get better ones or weigh at Boots if you can.

    Also get out the old tape-measure. I'm quite sure you must have lost, sticking to such a strict regime. Weigh and measure.

    Was everything the same at both weigh ins? Same time, same clothes, same location? Any hormonal influences?

    I can't advise as to your medication, sorry! But my instinct is that you would be losing.

    Hope you can figure it out, don't give up! Good luck!

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    isnt that wierd. i cant see how you couldnt not lose really. your taking in so few calories a day. perhaps it is the medication.

    i hope you are still persevering with it

    h x

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