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Thread: Slimming World EE, am I doing this right!?

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    Slimming World EE, am I doing this right!?

    Hi ladies! I've started the EE plan today to start eating healthier as I'm pregnant, rather than to loose weight. I've found lately that I can only eat a small amount in one go so I thought if be a good idea to get a healthy variation of food in me!

    Can someone please let me know if these meals are OK? I've felt really full all day which I'm not sure is right for a diet, haha!

    Breakfast: fruit tea with sweetener - free? Syns in sweetener? (I felt sick so couldn't stomach anything to eat!)

    Lunch: 35g porridge with 250ml semi skimmed milk & a handful of fruit - free, is the fruit enough to be super free?

    Dinner: Pasta with tinned tomatoes, herbs, generous amount of carrots, peas, cucumber & chicken cooked in fry light - free, again is the amount of veg super free?

    I was planning to take the leftovers of my dinner for lunch tomorrow if it counts as free!


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    Hi Emmajmsaunt.

    You are doing everything by the book and there is nothing wrong with what you are eating here. (although there doesnt seem to be alot of syns, if any at all, i would use my syns because they are there to create a balanced diet)

    One thing i would say is, there are some fruits super speed and some fruits speed so if you still have your slimming world book id advise you check to see which fruit is super speed and which are just speed.

    Don't worry about feeling full, they say you can eat as much free food as you like! and plus you need to encouter for 2 of you, you and the baby.

    Good luck!
    Sara Byfield

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