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Thread: how to give up sweets?

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    how to give up sweets?

    short question (for those with not much time XD)
    How can i learn to moderate or give up sweets?

    long question:
    Im 29 years old, and have always struggled with my weight. i lost weight a couple of years ago (100 lbs) i was overdoing it, i was eating 1400-1500 calories a day, along with exercising 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. i couldnt follow this diet long and gained back the weight quickly.

    now im overweight again, and worst of all, this last weight gain damaged my gallbladder, and i had to have surgery. im not worried anymore about losing the weight, im more worried about my health. ive started making changes, i gave up most fast food, especially mcdonalds which i was obsessed with. i do occasionally have pizza, and some fried foods.

    but im trying my best to eat healthy, i make myself a fruit and veggie juice every morning, have chicken and veggies for lunch. things like that. i know how to eat healthy, and do enjoy eating healthy. but the one thing i struggle giving up is sweets. lol

    i know that sounds awful, but i am obsessed with sweets. ive tried saying ill only have a small piece a day, but then ill eat it like crazy. thats the one thing i truly struggle with giving up, how can i learn to eat less, or give up sweets? ive noticed that when i stop buying sweets, ill start overeating on others things. things i dont even particularly love. any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    I can imagine what you must be feeling. I also feel the same with cravings for sweets and sugar. I just can't have one. Feel like devouring the whole bucket of ice cream when I get started.
    Hate to feel guilty after that. So, I decided to make a tiny change hope it works with you.

    I eat a almost 30% to 40% of my total calories for the day at breakfast. And, I make sure I have a good amount of protein say 50 grams or more. I also eat whatever sweet I might crave during the day at breakfast. But, surprisingly I found I have more control over sweets at this time.

    In my experience, I just don't crave any sweets the whole day and feel productive as well.

    I read somewhere that protein causes your body to release a hormone called pyy which suppresses hunger and sugar cravings. Since your will power is strong in the mornings it is easier to do so during breakfast.

    You must be craving sugar or carbs in the afternoons or in the evenings which is also the case with me.

    Do try having a protein rich breakfast as it reduces sugar cravings throughout the day. Also, do eat your sweets at breakfast it will help you stay in control later.

    Hope it helps.

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    I know this thread is a few months old, I hope you managed to find a way to control your sweet tooth.
    I was the same I had no control over sugary things and sweets, the only thing that worked for me was completely cutting out anything with added sugar, white flour, potatoes etc. That was back in March. Really hard for a couple of weeks but I hardly notice missing it now, I refused to eat anything sweet originally not even fruit but I'm much more in control now so I can allow sugar free puddings and fruit salads, as a very rare treat sometimes even cakes made with jaggery instead of sugar.
    I do find eating something fatty gets rid of the craving too, nothing too bad just say a slice of cracker bread with a little real butter
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    I have totally given up sugar too. It has only been about 10 days but I'm not missing it at all (yet!), although avoiding foods with added sugar can be tricky

    Try eating fresh mango instead when you get sugar cravings??
    Jules x

    Eating cake gives you a moment of happiness, being slim gives you a lifetime of health and fabulous clothes shopping!

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    Yes...I'm at 13.12 (oh the shame!) so would love to drop that...think how much better we'll feel!
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    I really struggle with sugar cravings. Having just started Slimming World I have cut down a lot of what I used to eat but I'm still struggling. Sometimes a piece of fruit just doesn't fill that space

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    Fruit has alot of sugar also so beware, i do eat chocolate everyday but smaller ones like kit kat or curly wurlys instead of mars bars,if i cut out all i will just crave and binge.xx

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    If you want to avoid giving in to a sugar craving completely, try chewing a stick of gum, ... And stock up on foods like nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, says certified

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    How to give up sweets

    If you want to stop sugar cravings then you need to understand what causes them and how you can make dietary changes to alleviate them.

    Two things that will help you do this and there is lots of information on the internet about them are learning about "The Blood Sugar Cycle" and the G.I.- Glycaemic Index.

    To try and be brief about it. The human body in it's present state is thousands of years old. Our digestive system evolved from us eating a diet of vegetation, fruit, fish and meat.

    It worked very well up until the last hundred years. Unfortunately today's foods are highly refined and sugar laden products that make it very difficult for the body to effectively regulate
    blood sugar levels. This can lead to weight gain and other serious health issues. We can relieve the strain on our digestive systems by eating more natural foods that release energy

    "The Blood Sugar Cycle" - As sugars are absorbed into the blood stream, the blood sugar level which transports sugar from the blood (Where high levels can be damaging) and into the cells for energy.
    If your not active

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