I never really had an issue with my weight but a few years back I was going through some stuff and with the stress of it I lost ... probably a little more than a stone. It's not that I wasn't eating, I was just so on edge that I never managed to eat a full meal - and I had a sausage roll for my breakfast every morning - but was still losing! I got so thin that some people actually thought I was ill (bulimia or similar).

Anyway, as the stressful situation was put behind me I started to gain weight (I told myself it was because I was now finally happy). Unfortunately I gained what I had lost. Plus some.

I just have a problem at sticking at things! I can eat relatively healthy but it's the snacking in between that really knocks me off. I will eat healthy snacks - but then I'll also go and eat a biscuit - and once I have one..... well, you know how it goes!

I'm not an exerciser - although I walk every day with the dog (if I didn't have him I would probably be a lot heavier). I have numerous DVD's and for a while I'll follow them but then I just stop. I'm definitely a "I'll start over on Monday" kinda gal.

I see everyone around me losing weight and I get motivated by that but then I just fall again. I know I don't look great, I know I don't feel great, I know I'm unhappy with it. So why is it so hard for me to stick at?