Today has gone Crappy,
It started off with me trying to find out were our Neighbor kids are getting in to our Locked Garden area. Everyday we notice up to four balls in our garden area From the neighbor kids throwing them over. They come over once in a blue moon and ask if i can go get their ball(s) from our garden area. They have asked before if they could climb the fence to get their ball(s) and i told them No you may not. when they do ask me if i can get thier ball(s) I let them know if i can or not Cause some days i am able to and other days i am not able to. Now when a ball lands in the garden area we look and say in a super low voice well another ball in our garden area when no one is outside,and than with in a few days and in a completely Secured Garden area the ball is gone no were to be found.Yes the gates are closed and chained and locked and there is a no trespassing sign in the Garden area. My fiance has talked to the father about them Ripping leaves and branches off our Apple tree by the garden. I managed to calm myself about this issue.

Than tonight My fiance's Dad calls at 3:24 pm for help with his computer,so we decided we would go up and help him Which we are still at home Haven't went up there yet as my fiance is shopping on line. he knows his dad gets impatient, so my fiance tells me that it will be just a minute than we would go up so i tell his dad we would see him in a few as he don't live far from us, so a few minutes go by with me saying come on we need to go Cause i know how his dad gets, and he said it hasn't been a minute I than tell him yes it has so i backed off ad sat down than a while later i went and played with the dogs. I came back and asked my Fiance what he was doing he said finishing up,what are you doing? I told him in a serious voice that i was waiting he than piped up and said yes your waiting impatiently I hate you. I kept myself from Crying and yelling and than said to him don't ever say you hate me,and he goes that's what you get and hasn't Even apologized for saying that to me. his dad called back at 4:19 pm and My fiance told him it would be a little while before we came up.

I am just upset that my fiance would say that he hates me just because i was waiting impatiently, He could have said please be Patient Relax or Something that was nice not something So Horrible. I am trying to forget about it but it is hard Especially when he has not even apologized for saying what he said.