The Account

Iíve been spending and spending not thinking about
What is in the account and how it comes out
This morning Iíve spent it on nothing at all
So I guess I should give it some thought after all

There are days when I think I have spent it so well
And I smile when I think of the stories to tell
There are days when I donít think Iíve spent it at all
But it still slips away like a big rolling ball

The account is uncertain it does not refill
In fact there is only so much you can bill
And as it is spent there's no entry about
How much is left in - only how much came out

So as I sit here thinking and not doing much
I think of expenditure, debits and such
Direct debits daily Iíve paid and I treasure
And always hope some will be left for my leisure

So now the account is not quite what it was
I need to take stock of the figures because
The clock has been ticking - Iím well past my prime
I must make the best of how I spend my time

© Gemstone