Good afternoon!
I was on Weight 2 Go (around 800 kcals a day)for nearly 3 weeks and lost about 12lbs.
I switched to Diet chef and I have been on that nearly a week now but I dont seem to have lost anything this week. I didnt really add much to the diet as I'm not very organised so it will have been the around the stock 800kcal a day. I know this is low if your not doing a VLCD but I was on that with W2G and still lost weight in the previous weeks. (In fairness the last 2 days I have been adding things like an extra snack to bump up the kcals abit)
It doesnt affect my resolve, if nothing else its damn handy to have my food delivered to me even if I wasnt on a diet!
Just worried I'm eating too little or need to do exercise aswell or something else!