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Thread: Fat Girl determined but a little bit rubbish

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    Fat Girl determined but a little bit rubbish


    This is my first time on a forum so please bear with me - ive been dieting on and off for years, i get fatter each time somehow and its just about killed me because i dont know what else to do - im now wearing my dads t-shirts as pyjamas and i cant see my feet anymore. Not that i liked my feet particular, just would be nice to thave the option to look at them when i want to. SO today i started the Dukan Diet! My problem is that if i dont see results super quick, i eat an entire packet of digestives in self-pity. So im assured that the Dukan Diet is the way forward for fast results and given im a meat lover, apparently its doable.

    Only thing i am terrified of is the lack of bacon. I think its a crime to cut bacon out of my life. An actual crime. But apparently Monsieur Dukan thinks otherwise so ill give this a bash.

    Day 1 of attack phase. Going for 7 days as a start - a week isnt that long surely?

    DOes anyone have any hints or tips for me?

    Ive not got the book so im just going by the websites and blogs online. I knew if i didnt start today then waiting for the book to arrive id lose interest. SO have grabbed bull by the horn and made myself scrambled eggs for breakfast. Are eggs really unlimited? Excellent! Im thinking steak and dippy egg, ham omelettes and lots and lots of salmon and chicken - all lean of course!

    So here goes..... think im going to need the help of experience dukan dieters..... HELP!
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    Diet: Self devised
    Height: 1.68m
    Start Date: 01/03/2002
    Start Weight: 141kg
    Current Weight: 69.3kg
    Goal Weight: 65.0kg

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 50
    Current BMI: 24.6
    Goal BMI: 23

    Total Weight Loss: 71.7kg
    Weight to Lose: 4.3kg
    % Lost 50.85%
    Your post made me smile... :-) so yes you are funny!
    The best length of attack period is dependent on your start weight and only the really obese are recommended to go for such a long as 7 day period as, otherwise, he's found little difference in the losses between 3, 5 or 7 days. So let us know your current weight and height and/or go onto the official Dukan site, don't sign up or anything, but there's a calculator there to tell you how long it recommends. Or just do 3 or 4... On this site you can update your profile with your start statistics which is helpful too when advising.

    More recent editions of his book have restricted egg yolks somewhat. Previously he used to say "unless known cholesterol condition" but, given that the majority wouldn't have a clue, there are many other things we can eat other than just eggs (which I adore). So I'd be reasonable (say 2 a day max?).

    Ham is a bit of a dubious one too as very salty and (if you read the packet) often has many chemicals and even sugar added. I stay away from the packaged meats unless really in a bind as they are convenient.

    One thing you will need to get in is oatbran. Careful that you buy oatBRAN... Tesco sells it (as does Holland & Barrett and other supermarkets most likely). On attack, you're allowed 1.5 tablespoons a day. Check out our recipe section and see what we do with it (muffins, galettes, bread, cakes...). And not only does oatbran have good effects, it's also very filling and helps ease the boredom of what can be a long diet.

    Finally other tip would be to plan your meals in advance to be sure of having everything in you need. Read our FAQs. Ask your questions. The book can be ordered (it's only about a fiver) to help fill in your knowledge and there are some recipes in there...

    That's all I have time for!

    Good luck
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    Start weight: 141K (March 2002)
    Target weight reached: 67.5K (December 2003) - healthy eating
    Maintained until Feb 2007 when I quit smoking and regained 13K

    Discovered Dukan diet Nov 2007 at 71.1K. Have been coached on French official site.


    High: 79.5 (Jan)
    66.5 (May)
    High: 80.6 (Nov)
    Low: 71.6 (Feb)
    74.5K got married Sept 2012
    High: 84.9 (Jan)
    Low: 76.3 (Oct)

    High: 85.2 (Jan)
    Low: 64.7 (Nov)
    High: 70.2 (Jan)

    Revised target 65.0K

    6/1: 85.2
    14/2: 77.7
    14/3: 75.6
    11/04: 73.2
    20/05: 70.4
    06/06: 72.4
    3/07: 68.9
    31/07: 70.4
    29/08: 68.3
    18/09: 67.4
    2/10: 68.3
    31/10: 65.3
    25/11: 64.7
    18/12: 66.3
    8/01: 69.3
    17/01: 67.3
    19/02: 69.3
    7/03: 69.3

    Walking lots and healthy eating (and rubbish at weekends)

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    Diet: Dukan Diet
    Height: 5ft3in
    Start Date: 13-02-12
    Start Weight: 12st4lb
    Current Weight: 12st4lb
    Goal Weight: 10st5lb
    Goal Date: asap

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 30.5
    Current BMI: 30.5
    Goal BMI: 25.7

    Weight to Lose: 1st13lb
    % Lost 0%
    CBF, I don't post very often but this diet is fantastic for that initial weight loss. I lost 9lb in a week and it as exactly the start I needed and you by what you have said, good luck you will soon see your feet and eventually biet your toe nails if you so wish xxx Great advice there from Jo, here is nothing our Jo doesn't know about Dukan. Keep you diary going and record all your food, and drink as much water as you can x
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    February 13-02-12 start
    WEEK 1 = -9LB WEEK 17 = -.2LB 21-10-12 TW DAY WHOOOOP 10.7llb
    WEEK 2 = - 2.2LB WEEK 20 = + 4LB 19-11-12 10.5lb
    WEEK 3 = -2LB WEEK 21 = -3.2 -------------------------------------------------------
    WEEK 4 = -1LB WEEK 22 = - 5.8 ILL Weight on 01-01-13 10st 6LB
    WEEK 5 = -3LB WEEK 26 = - 2.6LB Weight on 16-02-13 10S 6LB
    WEEK 6 = -1LB WEEK 27 = +1 Weight 16-03-13 10ST 6LB

    WEEK 7 = -2LB WEEK 28 = STS Weight 24-08-13 10st 7lb6oz
    WEEK 8 = STS WEEK 29 = -3LB Weight 28-09-13 10st 7lb
    WEEK 9 = -2LB
    WEEK 10 = -2LB
    WEEK 11 = -1LB
    WEEK 12 = -3.4LB
    WEEK 13 = 1.2LB
    WEEK 14 = STS
    WEEK 15 = -1.6LB TOTAL LOSS SO FAR = 2 ST 7.6LB
    WEEK 16 = -1.2LB

    'Accept that your new weight is right for you and not something you have to battle with to protect' quote by Sara

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    Diet: Dukan
    Height: 1.57m
    Start Date: 25 August 2013
    Start Weight: 119.3kg
    Current Weight: 68.2kg
    Goal Weight: 76.8kg
    Goal Date: 19 June 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 48.1
    Current BMI: 27.5
    Goal BMI: 31

    Total Weight Loss: 51.1kg
    Weight to Lose: -8.6kg
    % Lost 42.81%
    Hi chubbybutfunny!

    here to subscribe ... how are you getting on?

    Mini Goals:
    • Get into the 90s - DONE 24 November 2013
    • Quit Smoking! - DONE 20 November 2013
    • Fit into size 20 - DONE 1 JAN 2014
    • Get below 95 - DONE 15 December 2013
    • Get into the 80s - DONE 19 January 2014
    • Fit into size 18 - DONE 02 March 2014
    • Get below 85 - DONE 02 March 2014
    • Fit into size 16 - DONE 2 May 2014
    • Get below 80 - DONE 28 March 2014
    • Get to Dukan TW (to 76.8kg) - DONE 29 May 2014 (3 days ahead of Dukan calculator and beat it by 600 gms! WI today 76.2kg!)

    • Lose 100lbs (to 74.0kg) - DONE 21 August 2014
    • Get to 65.0kg - Dukan Version 2 (15 Mar), Goal June 2015
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