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Thread: Fat Free & Sugar Free Yoghurt Brands

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    Fat Free & Sugar Free Yoghurt Brands


    I am new to this site and have found it very useful. I am on my second day of the Dukan Diet and I am struggling to find yoghurts that are both fat free and sugar free. Does anyone have any brands that you can recommend?

    Also, are you allowed sugar free chewing gum or mints?

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    Not very good at this!

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    I prefer to use natural yoghurt and add sweetener; the Total 0% Greek is delicious.
    Lots of people on here use the ww and the muller toffee and vanilla

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    Hi Angel,

    I am also fairly new, finishing attack today. I don't know where you are located but I'm in Canada and both major brands, Astro and Yoplait make a very good ff/sg yogurt! Yoplait is my favourite and they just came out with a nice new dessert one with a lemon meringue pie flavour! YUM!

    And yes, you are allowed sf gum.

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    0% Plain Yogurt with Splenda (and maybe a drop of essence - I use orange, vanilla, or lemon) seems to be the safest bet if you are in the UK. I also discovered today that the FF Normandy Fromage Frais actually has less carbs than the yogurt, so for one-off creamy sweet things I'm sweetening up the Fromage Frais instead of the plain yogurt.

    Best of luck to you!

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