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Thread: Stuck!!

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    Hi I'm new to this but had used a Dukan official forum which had been available on facebook/iPhone. It was great for motivation but then it disappeared so I need something as I'm fed up.
    I seem to be stuck. I run nearly every day, eat very little- most days 2 eggs, 250g cottage cheese, 2tbls oat bran, skimmed milk, plain chicken breasts x2, 100g natural yog ( no sugar)!
    i have stayed the same weight for weeks. It's weird as up to this, Dukan worked like a treat.
    i had a hysterectomy back in October so perhaps this is the problem
    just need positivity

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    Height: 5ft1in
    Start Date: 18 oct 2012
    Start Weight: 10st2lb
    Current Weight: 10st2lb
    Goal Weight: 8st8lb
    Goal Date: whenever

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 26.8
    Current BMI: 26.8
    Goal BMI: 22.7

    Weight to Lose: 1st8lb
    % Lost 0%
    I'm no expert but it sounds like you're not eating enough.
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    24/10/12- 141lbs,6/11/12-140lbs
    21/11/12-STS,27/11/12-134lbs21/12/12-132lbs,28/12/12- not weighing this week! hoping to ignore Christmas damage,
    7/1/13-136lbs (+4lbs),12/1/13-133lbs (-3lbs) Christmas weight nearly gone,
    Bust -38 inches (was 39)
    Waist- 30 inches (was 34)
    Hips-36 inches (was 39)

    8/4/13- 138lbs (+8lbs) not as bad as I had expected!!!!

    5/8/13 - 137lbs ( had gone up to 144lbs) in week 1 of restart lost 6lbs


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    Diet: Dukan all the way for me!
    Height: 5ft4.5in
    Start Date: 27/08/11
    Start Weight: 19st9lb
    Current Weight: 15st13lb
    Goal Weight: 12st0lb
    Goal Date: whenever!

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 46.5
    Current BMI: 37.7
    Goal BMI: 28.4

    Total Weight Loss: 3st10lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st13lb
    % Lost 18.91%
    Ditto China, you need to seriously up your protein and consider some PV days, your body is holding onto whatever it can at the moment cos it doesn't have enough, today for example I have already had 2 muffins, 3 chicken breasts, 2 boiled eggs, dukan custard and lots of water/decaf coffee/ decaf coke and it's only 3.30! I intend to have a huge rump steak with some cottage cheese and Dukan BBQ sauce for dinner with the rest of my muffins.... Hope that helps. I have eaten that amount since I started Dukan and lost consistently... Good luck and keep going! x
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    Trudy x
    TW - Achieved 16th July 2012!!!!!!!!Thank you sooooo much to all my MM friends!

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    I agree wi you all and thanks. I went nuts yesterday and ate everything!! Just feeling down. Today I went for a run a pulled my left calf . I ate a bit extra -2 whole grain wraps, 2bananas and sugar free peanut butter.
    I just hope that my crazy eating hasn't affected my muscles. Grr. I took up running to try to help me lose weight and now I am training for a half marathon. I still want to get rid of 7-10 lbs. I'm not a fast runner or anything but its lovely to run out in the sunshine and as a sufferer of depression, I can definitely say its better than any tablet going!!!!,
    anyway, I hope the leg improves so I can get back out there. I had felt so good getting out there today. ��
    pemi X

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