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Thread: What's everyone cooking for Christmas dinner

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    What's everyone cooking for Christmas dinner

    Hello everyone

    Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section.

    So. I've decided that I am going to start dukan before Christmas. So on Christmas Day I will be having a cruise pv day.

    What is everyone going to be cooking for their Christmas dinners? I would really like to stay on track as I know I could ruin all my hard work with just one meal.

    My favourite part of any roast dinner is the roast potatoes. Are there any decent substitutes?

    I did dukan a couple of years ago and lost almost a stone but I have now put on over 2 stone.
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    If you plan on being good, I always replace potato with celeriac Mashes great and roasts a treat. But I am back on cruse trying to lose a little before xmas but my xmas dinner will be a full blown Gala meal no holds barred but sticking to the rules of now second helpings xxx
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    Hi Claire

    You won't 'ruin all your hard work with one meal' the danger comes when that one meal turns into one day of meals, one week of meals, one month of meals ....

    If you think you can avoid this, then I say enjoy your Christmas lunch and eat your roast potatoes!

    But I am queen of 'no willpower' and 'one more won't hurt' - eek!

    P x
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