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Thread: Hi all returning from doing a carb low fat approach

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    Question Hi all returning from doing a carb low fat approach

    I think I needed to restart my body, and fix my stress in life. Now after, I've finished reducing my fat cravings to low fat carbs.. I figure time to drop these water pounds and continue low fat...

    I started yesterday low fat lean meat of chicken breast, egg whites, and extra lean pork loin.

    i notice my calories got to 1227 which was lower then I ever ate with meat. but appetite was like gone and hunger was satisfied. However the next morning I was starving and felt super weak form not having those carbs in the body, so my work out wasn't superb but I tried to keep it up as I could.

    Today I plan to eat more to stay even more satisifed and not starving.. I think my appetite is coming back a bit more then yesterday being so less.

    I didn't see any weight change feel bit constipated from the change as well to and been drinking like alot more then I'd normally would. So i'm very much well hydrated.

    so far today had

    7am breakfast- 10oz of chicken breast, and 150grams egg whites seasoned black pepper and salt substitute to avoid having salt added and extra potassium and flavor ( 3 glasses of liquid diet cola so like 9cups liquid)

    12pm lunch - had same not so much liquid yet but was feeling better after I ate lunch. Before that I felt like sluggish and full from breakfast, so when had lunch I felt my body not as full and feel satisfied but not overwhelmed with so much.

    DInner I normally plan eat alot more mix of pork and chicken breast, with egg whites..

    I was wondering should I worry calories and is there any truth that to benefit from this plan a good calorie range should keep at? ( is it better higher amount calories/proteins for weight loss then less?)

    ty all <3

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    Hello Natasha,
    I'm guessing you're in the U.S. Welcome!
    Do you have the Dukan book? Can you get oatbran over there? It's a staple of this diet really and is very filling and helps us no end in the long run.
    Can you fill out your stats as to your height and current weight? That also helps us figure whether you're eating enough protein for your current size. Calories really don't come into it with this diet.
    Welcome and feel free to open a diary in the diary section (just start a new thread over there).

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