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Thread: Attack phase- gained weight!

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    Attack phase- gained weight!

    I completed three days of the attack phase yesterday, and gained 300gm. I have been eating beef, eggs, and ham. I made the mistake of eating double the amount of bran allowed. I have also been drinking water, tea, and coca cola light. What is the problem, why have I put on weight?

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    Hi Jenny,

    Sorry to hear about that... But there could be lots of reasons. Maybe think about taking a day or 2 off and then doing a restart, being a bit more careful about the quantities of oatbran, etc? it also really helps to write down everything you're eating (or use an app or website like myfitnesspal) - not to count the calories, but to keep track of hidden fat or carb or salt content. We can all help you figure out where the problem is if we can see your menus.

    Ham is a tricky one... I think it's allowed these days but the fat content is a bit high (salt too maybe?)

    Anyway, you could have just stalled for a few days and find that things will drop off later in the week? We can all testify to the fact that dukan works in the long run, just a bit differently for everyone :-)

    Good luck!

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