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    Thank you


    My name is sheryl and this week I've started doing dukan again. Last time I did it for 6 weeks as a quick fix before my wedding. I lost 23 lbs so was elated but as soon as my honeymoon came around I completely binned dukan off!

    Over the last 3 years my weight has fluctuated but stayed mainly between 13.5 and 15 stone. The other day I decided to sort my closet as I'm always complaining I have nothing to wear. Well, it turns out I have heaps of clothes, lots still with tags on that I had forgotten about, but at least 3/4 are too small. So that was when I decided to take control back and Start dukan again.

    I've spent the past couple of days quietly reading through your threads and posts and I wanted to thank you all because it's given me such a boost, I really feel like there is a supportive community here and I'm sure I'll do just fine with you all to talk to :-)

    Shez xxx

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    Heya shez,

    Welcome to the forum! There is a great thread somewhere around here for the returners, where you can post your dukan history, why you think you didn't keep the weight off, and what you plan to do differently this time round.

    Good luck, and I look forward to reading your updates!


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    Welcome to you and I for one can really relate to your motivation in your wardrobe as I am currently rediscovering old favourites which have been lurking in the back of my wardrobes for years! It's such a thrill wearing "new" old clothes! :-)

    If there is one tip I can pass on, it's BE PREPARED... the better prepared you are (menus planned for the week, shopping in, prep done), the less likely you'll be taken unawares by "life" and eat things you oughtn't.

    Good luck

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