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Thread: Soup Recipes?

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    Soup Recipes?

    I am a massive soup fan - and have always had soup once a week. It is one of the few things I have really missed during my Attack phase.

    Can anyone point me towards good soup recipes suitable for PV/PP days in the Cruise Phase?

    I prefer broths (chicken etc) than thick soup if that helps?

    I have searched the forum - but struggling to find many recipes posted.

    Thanks in advance Dukan dudes and dudettes!
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    This is one of my old ones and is lush... I also like mushroom with either a broth base or some mushrooms blitzed and skimmed milk added... Hope it helps

    Soup Recipes?-image-3299963147.jpg
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    I'm not much of a soup fan myself but there's little in a traditional soup recipe that can't work in Dukan...
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    Do you eat seafood, Matt? I used to make a monster pot of spicy seafood soup for pp days. A little bit of onion and celery (I think it's tolerated, but you can reduce if you like), low salt stock cubes, and then crab sticks, prawns, mussels (frozen seafood mix is great), and some fish fillets. I'm sure there are recipes around here somewhere.
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