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Thread: Dukan-friendly Coleslaw

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    Dukan-friendly Coleslaw

    By popular request , this is approximately what I make when I say 'coleslaw':

    • Half a small white cabbage, finely sliced / shredded.
    • 1 large carrot, coarsely grated
    • 1/2 red onion finely chopped

    Adjust the above proportions to personal preference.

    Sauce made from: again this varies every time and adjust to preference. Yoghurt has a tendency to make it watery so it's better using quark. This in turn may need extra 'thinning', for which I use a tb or two of skimmed milk if there's already enough vinegar.

    • 3 tb yoghurt/quark/ fromage frais
    • 1 tb vinegar
    • 1 ts mustard
    • salt & pepper
    • pinch of splenda
    • chopped parsley or chives

    I make sure there's a fair amount of sauce and it needs to be quite runny. Mix into the veg and put in fridge to leave flavours to develop for at least a couple of hours
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    and it's one of those things that never tastes quite the same twice running!

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    Fabulous! Thank you so much!

    Jo - I know what you mean about things like that. It's good, though, to be able to mess around with quantities and ingredients to your own taste. It's just a shame when you can never reproduce the ratios again after finally perfecting them! ;-)

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    Love this way of making coleslaw, but sometimes set fire to my nostrils with all the mustard

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    trying this also

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