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Thread: Can't believe this isn't real bread!

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    Can't believe this isn't real bread!

    Feeling pleased with myself so thought I would share this one. I didn't do very well with the microwave bread recipe as it came out sticky and pale, so thought I would have a go with a conventional loaf. Used a silicone loaf tin from waitrose, and cooked the mix in oven for about 30 mins at 160C. It's based on the muffin recipe that i use and makes rather yum small sandwiches.

    7 tablespoon oatbran
    3 tablespoon wheat bran
    3 eggs and one egg white
    3/4 teaspoon baking powder
    Pinch of salt
    1/2 tub quark (about 125g or 2 tablespoons)

    Separate out yolks from whites. Beat whites separately. Put egg yolks and quark into dry ingredients and mix well. Then gently fold in stiff egg whites, pop into loaf tin and 30 mins later, one small loaf!

    Think it can be further tweaked, ie maybe one less whole egg and one more egg white for the cholesterol conscious, and possibly use all oatmeal, and you may need to vary depending on size of tin etc but I was really chuffed it worked!

    Need to wait for it to cool before attempting to slice and I used an electric knife to make it easy.

    It made 12 slices, each about 1cm thick, not counting the end pieces. So if you are in cruise, your entire oatbran allowance for the day would be 2 small sandwiches or 4 slices. Or you could have 2 slices of toast and a muffin.
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    this is very similar to the yeast recipe I do. You split the eggs as you have done, a teaspoon of yeast helps with a bit of raising. it uses 4tbs oat and 2wht and some lovely herbs LOL.

    Well done on sorting a recipe that works foryou.

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    That bread looks delicious!

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    wow, seeing the pictures, you wouldn't know its not proper bread... well done Supertonic and thanks for sharing

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    I am definitely going to make this bread - looks fantastic - thanks for sharing

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