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    Question dissapointed

    Hi all started total s on 20/01/2014 lost 9 lb in first week and although i have been 100% again this week so far i have not lost anything 3 days in to week 2. the only thing I have done different this week is have 2 cups of marigold boulion per day plus 3 glasses of dr pepper zero. any advise would be most welcome

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    I am the same. But don't worry. This is very common on week 2. Just stick with it and it will keep coming off. Last time I did this I had 2lbs off by the end of the 2nd week and 9 in the 3rd. Your body is just adjusting!! Good luck x

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    I think it's normal to not lose so much in week two - also if I were you I'd avoid the scales as they can make you feel worse if they don't appear to be moving. Stick with it, the only way is down!

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    Don't be disheartened! You lose a lot in week 1 because it's your body getting rid of glycogen which weighs quite a lot. Definitely keep at it - step on again in a couple of days, it's just your body adjusting. You could be holding on to water.

    I always weigh after I go for a wee in the morning - if I don't the difference can be about 2lbs! Just remember that each millilitre of water weighs a gram so if you drink 500ml of water and then jump on the scales, that water will count towards your weight.

    If you've been on TS 100% then the weight is bound to come off, it might just take a couple of days. Keep at it. XX

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