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Thread: New Mum with Ten stone to lose - Here I go

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    New Mum with Ten stone to lose - Here I go

    I'm a new Mum with a six month old son. I actually weigh the same today as the day he was born and I've realised enough is enough. How on earth will I be able to keep up with him or do fun things with him if my weight keeps increasing. So I've decided its time for the tables to turn and for it to start decreasing.

    I'm also a wheelchair user after an accident damaged my spine 8 years ago. I've grown so much My first goal is to actually get my hips to fit Inside the chair! I also don't want shoulders like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    I'm trying to convince my husband to give it a whirl too. Years of comfort eating and shift work have taken their toll on us both and we want to be around for many years to come. Quality time together at the moment consists of a takeaway and TV. How boring is that!

    So here I am, day one, strawberry shake for breakfast which was delicious. All I can say is that today must be the right day to start. Little one went down for a morning nap which is sooooo rare but it gave me chance to get logged onto here.

    Here I go, onwards and downwards!

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    Good luck. You'll find lots of inspiration and support on here from people who have lost lots of weight. Like you say, you want to be able to keep up with your son when he's a toddler so hopefully that will keep you going and strengthen your resolve; that and the fact that your husband is doing it with you. That should really help as long as you both keep each other on the straight and narrow and don't tempt each other into cheating!!

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    Best of luck!! Just get through the first 4-5 days then it's all plain sailing from there :-)

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