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Thread: Katies exante journey

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    Tommorow im starting exante and im hoping keeping a diary on here will help to give me motivation and hopefully talk to other people in the same boat as me . Im 5 ft2 and 13 stone and have recently being worring about the impact my weight is having on my health im 25 at the moment so suffering with no ailments but if i dont change something i know i will in the future .Ive done exante once before and didnt get to the end of 2 just caved in because i was so hungry ... this time im determined to get into ketosis as everyone says this helps the hunger

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    Diet: Exante
    Height: 5ft3in
    Start Date: Monday 9th June 2014
    Start Weight: 15st7lb
    Current Weight: 11st9.8lb
    Goal Weight: 9st7lb
    Goal Date: Feb 2015 :-)

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 38.4
    Current BMI: 29
    Goal BMI: 23.6

    Total Weight Loss: 3st11.3lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st2.8lb
    % Lost 24.54%
    Good luck!! Ketosis deffo beats hunger off with a big old stick!! :-)
    WK Weight Loss Goals Target /
    Achieved Date
    15st 7lb - into the 14s 12/06
    1-4 13st 13.25lb -21.75lb under 14st 7lb 21/06
    5-8 13st 0.5lb -12.75lb under 200lb 27/06
    9-12 12st 6.75lb -7.75lb into the 13s 08/07
    13-16 11st 12lb -8.75lb under 13st 7lb 25/07
    17 12st 2.75lb +4.75lb into the 12s
    18 11st 8.25lb -8.5lb under 12st 7lb
    19 11st 6lb -2.25lb into the 11s
    OVER TO 5:2 24/10 to 11st 9lb
    (overweight bmi)
    21 11st 4.5lb -1.5lb under 11st 7lb 20/11
    LOST THE PLOT!! into the 10s 11/12
    23 11st 12.75lb + 8.25lb! under 10st 7lb 22/12
    24 to 10st 1lb
    (healthy BMI)
    25 into the 9s 17/01
    26 to 9st 7lb (goal) 02/02
    27 MAINTAIN 2015 & Beyond!

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    Diet: Exante TS
    Height: 5ft3in
    Start Date: 01.01.2014
    Start Weight: 15st7lb
    Current Weight: 14st9lb
    Goal Weight: 9st7lb
    Goal Date: May 2015

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 38.4
    Current BMI: 36.3
    Goal BMI: 23.6

    Total Weight Loss: 0st12lb
    Weight to Lose: 5st2lb
    % Lost 5.53%
    Welcome to the forum & good luck. Drinking lots of water will help x
    RESTART 10.11.2014

    Loss this week +6lb loss so far 4lb

    Target loss by 2nd February 12st 7lb

    Average loss needed for holiday target 3.75lb

    Week 1
    week 2
    week 3
    week 4
    week 5
    week 6
    week 7
    week 8
    Sri Lanka holiday


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