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Thread: One Military Wife's Mission to Lose 28lbs Before Partner Returns.

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    One Military Wife's Mission to Lose 28lbs Before Partner Returns.

    Hi all!

    I'm new here

    Yesterday my kids and I said goodbye to my partner

    He left with his squadron in the RAF to help the fight against ISIS in a bordering country to Iraq. This will be his 4th operational deployment in 2 years and the separation is really hard. This time though, I'm determined to make something positive out of it! I cried myself to sleep last night because of missing him so damn much and I'm sick of it. So the way that I am seeing it now, is that I have a fantastic opportunity to transform my body before he sees me next. If I pull this off, I could be picking him up in a little black dress and feeling fabulous about myself. Without him here as a distraction, I have the opportunity to focus more on my goals and my weight loss.

    I started Exante's Total Solutions plan today and intend to do 30 minutes of cardio each day too. It's only a short deployment but I have plenty of time to completely transform my body before the next time he lays his eyes on me. I have made it my goal to lose 28lbs before he returns in 10 weeks and I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he sees he has the old me back again! When we got together I was a slender size 10 (UK sizes) and damn confident in it. I really let myself go over his last deployment to Afghanistan. Well, not this time! This time he will be coming home to the me he first wrapped his arms around; to the me that he would slip his fingers under her shirt to run lightly up and down her tiny waist; to the me who felt petite next to him despite being 5ft 6" tall; to the me who would happily drop her clothes to the floor and feel damn good about what her fella was seeing; to the me that would lay in bed, and while he draped his arms around her waist, would revel in the feeling of being held by him, instead of worrying sick about what he was feeling underneath his hands...

    This is a time for change. This is an opportunity. And I'll be damned if I do not make each and every day count! Watch this space. Something incredible is about to take place here.
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    I'm feeling *hungry* now. Already. It's not a craving for food (though it is making me daydream about all sorts of yummy things!). It's actual physical-feeling-in-my-belly hunger. I'm not at all tempted to stray from the plan, but desperately seeking the willpower to eat my lunch time bar slowly and to savour it and not wolf it down in one piece and have it all gone and nothing else until my soup at dinner time This may be a more difficult 6 weeks than I had envisioned!

    *daydreams about doughnuts*

    Edited to add: I have really surprised myself by discovering that I can enjoy black sugarless tea! I usually drink it strong but with lots of milk and 2 sugars. Turns out if you don't brew it so strong, it's actually quite pleasant enough on its own Weak black tea with no sugars for the win. This may well be my salvation throughout this....
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    10 Weeks until my partner returns from deployment with the RAF

    Goal: lose 28lbs before his homecoming, using Exante's TS plan
    Start Weight: 13st 0lbs

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    Sigh. Day one, and I have already caved in! *facepalm* Taking the positive away from it though; I didn't enjoy the food at all. It wasn't anything like I had built it up in my head to be. Next time I am craving I will have to remember this moment - I do NOT feel better for giving in and eating I feel like crap, mentally beating myself up, it didn't taste anywhere near as great as I wanted it to and I feel all bloated and icky! I will not let this happen again. Not going to have my third food pack today. Probably just ate around 900 calories. Off to the gym now to burn as many of them off as possible! Back to day 1 tomorrow.

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    Total Weight Loss: 2st6lb
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    Hi, the first few days are so hard but once you get to day 3 or 4 you stop feeling hungry. I had read about ketosis before and thought it must be nonsense but it really does stop the hunger. My tips - drink loads of water, have a cup of Buillion if you are really hungry and have a couple of early nights if you can. And you'll be feeling great in a couple of days x
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    Welcome Caffeine Bean. Congratulations on making the decision to do something for yourself when so much of your life is controlled by kids and hubby. It must be really tough saying goodbye so often. You can definately achieve your goal if you stick to plan and make this home coming extra special for you both. The first four days are tough just drink lots of fluid preferably water or peppermint tea was my alternative to black tea (yuk). I find the bars make me more hungry so I stuck to shakes only for the first week.

    Once in ketosis you don't really get hungry as long as you drink enough. I even got to the stage where it just felt 'normal' so I didn't feel like I was on a diet at all. You will get cravings but just distract yourself or come on here and natter! Take measurements now too (and pics) because fluid can make you think you haven't lost but inches will have gone.

    Good luck, time will fly by.
    As Mohammed Ali once said:
    "Don't count the days, make the days count"
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    Week 1 - 18lb loss
    = 310lb = 22st2
    Week 2 - STS ​

    Week 3 - 4lb loss
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    Week 4 - 5lb loss = 301lb = 21st7 (Food week & TOTM!)
    Week 5 - 3lb loss
    = 298lb = 21st4
    Week 6 - 2lb loss = 296lb = 21st2
    Week 7 - ????

    Goal 1 - stay on Exante a week 100% (17/10/14)
    Goal 2 - get to 22st (achieved 28/10/14)
    Goal 3 - weigh less than 300lb (21st5) (11/11/14)
    Goal 4 - lose 10% starting weight (21st)
    Goal 5 - Get to 20st5 (pre pregnancy weight)
    Goal 6 - weigh 18stones = BMI under 40
    Goal 7 - reach 15st7. My leather jacket will fit again.
    Goal 8 - weight 14stone (under 200lbs)
    Goal 9 - weigh less than 13st (a first in my adult life)
    Goal 10 - 11st 6lbs 'Normal' BMI 25.

    I'm looking forward to my husband being able to sweep me up into his arms (for the first time). Without getting a hernia that is.

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