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Thread: What shall i walk down the aisle to?

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    What shall i walk down the aisle to?

    Any ideas? X

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    I walked down the isle to Ave Maria, it's a beautiful piece of music and lots of different versions to choose from. Are you getting married in a church?

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    I think it's best to pick something that embodies the spirit of your wedding. For many that means the traditional wedding march.
    For us (this July), we're getting married on field with a marquee for the reception, bales of hay to sit on outside and home brewed cider to enjoy in the sunshine. We're going with All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar as it's really fits with the country feel of our big day :-)
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    Sounds like you ar going to have a wonderful wedding Demmeister. I agree the music should be a personal choice to reflect the 2 of you and your day.
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    I have a running joke with my other half that I'll walk down the aisle to 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC.
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    Past the point of no return from the phantom of the opera?

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