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Thread: How to beat hunger pangs

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    How to beat hunger pangs

    Hi all,
    This is my first visit to on here. I have been doing exante for two weeks now and so far I have lost 1 stone...
    But I seem to struggle with hunger pangs and was wondering what others did to help with that... I am also wondering what to cook on week four if any one can help me with this that would be great thanks x

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    How to beat hunger pangs

    Hi Midwife, well done on the loss! :-) I know it sounds cliche, but a long drink or a little light exercise works when you're feeling hungry, hopefully it'll all go as you get into stride with this diet, your tummy will shrink, your appetite won't be as voracious - and it is also possible your brain is still sending craving messages! Those are another story and involve that ever elusive thing called willpower! But even that does get easier, esp when you are so determined to stick to the plan because the results are so fab.

    I don't do a whole add-a-meal week, I have one day a week instead, usually a Friday or Saturday. It's something to look forward to and I don't worry about falling off the wagon due to adding food for a week (which I did spectacularly recently but that was nothing to do with add-a-meal week!) When I'm closer to my goal I'll reintroduce food on the maintenance plan.

    Good luck! :-)
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    Can I ask, instead of adding a meal in week four, is it possible just to add a glass of milk?

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    I like to get busy when I am having food cravings, it's the only thing that takes my mind off food. xx
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    Well done Midwife, that's great news. I'm on day 8 and struggling with hunger pangs too. I don't think I'm hungry but my tummy feels uncomfortably empty and I am light headed with no energy. Can those who have been doing this a while tell me if this is normal? I have bought a bicycle to get some exercise on but I feel too weak to get on it!

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    I have the same problem. I'm on 11 now. I had the problem about 3 weeks into the diet last time I did it.
    Strangely with lipotrim I never had this problem but I was just bored to tears!

    I just have to ignore it and try to distract myself.
    Seesh - if there's anyone out there worse at maintenance than me I'd like to meet them!

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    Aaaand... I am back again up at over 12 bloody stones!! I was down to ten something a few months ago! How can this be so hard?

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    I definitely had the hunger pangs and light headedness about 8-10 days in.... Just take it easy and you really do get over it. I remember being confused coz I'd reached ketosis, but I think maybe some of us just have a temporary blip, keep going and it will pass and you'll be back to feeling great :-)
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