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Thread: What's your favourite flavour?

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    What's your favourite flavour?

    I had my Exante delivered today after buying another weeks worth of LL only to discover Exante is far more cheaper I must have a months supply of it now and it was a little more than a weeks price of LL
    I have tried the porridge and it was yummy much tastier than LL and more of it! I didn't think much of the mushroom risotto at lunch though but ate half and chucked the other in exchange for half a bar (can't think now what that was called was it berry?)
    Very sweet and fudge like in the middle which helped get rid of the horrid taste of my lunch! Now shall I have shepherds pie? Chilli? Curry? Spag Bol? Of turkey dinner? Hope they are all tasty as I have loads of them lol your opinion will help make dinner more tastier please
    I'm back and in the zone

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    I LOVE the Turkey dinner! That is my fave so far I think!

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    Weight loss for January 8lbs
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    Target 9st7lb (maybe 9st but will see when I get to 9st7lbs how I feel)
    Started Exante TS 4th Feb
    Week 1..... TS Exante -6lbs (yay!!!) Total loss 1 stone!

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