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Thread: Slow on the uptake

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    Slow on the uptake

    This is for sure cos I have been on this for a week but only just tried the strawberry shake blended with ice and a sweetener! It's delicious. Everyone shd give it a try...

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    o its how i have all my shakes there amazing with ice cubes i dont add the sweetener glad you like it too, have you tried any of the hot ones yet? i do love porriage and pasta one but the pasta i do find i need to let it soak for a little bit then add black pepper and cook on the top of the stove its amazing i brought some fresh parsely to add this week to see if makes some differance from the dried apart from making it look pretty ...

    my first goal of 50lbs - 23.2lb to go

    Had a break due to house moving restarted 17.06.13 with sml enjoying the support and food

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    Pup - are the hot milkshakes nice? What flavours would you recommend hot?

    Ta x

    Weight Loss:
    4 weeks in = 19 lb
    6 weeks in = ??? Diets broken for 2 weeks due to illness
    Back on it now!!!

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    I quite like making up some mint tea, letting it cool then mixing it with the chocolate shake. Just nice for a change.

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