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Thread: Weekend away please help

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    Weekend away please help

    Hi I'm doing ts and have lost 8 in my first week ...Over the moon....the problem is I have a weekend away coming up early Feb for 2 year old birthday/anniversary. ...

    It's self catering but for 3 days ...what should I do...hubby wants to eat some food and I feel tied.....

    I feel committed to this...if I was to have a meal and the packets x 2 daily ...what do I eat....what experience s of weight gain have people had when they have had time off or introduced food???

    Many thanks as I'm worried I will totally undo what I'm committed to.
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    If it's self catering then I'd try and stick to it and if that's not possible have it as though it's a food week and have packs and one meal a day of food that should keep you in ketosis.

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    If you are 100% sure that you can get back on the total plan after having meals for a while (even one a day), then make sure you eat things that are very low carb so look up what is allowed on the atkins diet to familiarise yourself and don't vary from that. You should stay in ketosis that way but won't loose as much as you usually would.

    The only other things I would suggest you consider is if you will get tempted to have more than just one meal, if you will start to get cravings again or if you will be having alcohol stick to spirits and coke zero or slimline tonic. This way you will do the least damage but I would only risk it if you are 100% certain you can get back on plan and only have that one meal in the evening.

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