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Thread: Exante newbie needs buddies !!

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    Exante newbie needs buddies !!

    Hey everyone !

    I am new to exante- today is day one and I've been 100% today and it's 430pm so I'm hoping I will make it through day one

    My problem is I have no will power what so ever. But I really want to feel sexy and get some confidence for my husband as much as myself. I am 13st 12 and to have a healthy BMi I need to be 9st 10.

    There's a few things I worry about with this diet like, saggy skin. Or gaining it all plus back. Any advice would be great.

    Thanks xx

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    Goal Date: Christmas 2015

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    Hey Preston - welcome aboard! I have a similar goal to you so I'm guessing we're around the same height. Come hang out in the diary section - I've made lots of exante buddies in there, and would honestly struggle to keep going without them x

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    Hi Preston. I hope the week has gone well for you

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    Goal BMI: 21.2

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    Hi Preston. Scot Mix is right, join us in the diary section and you'll find lots of buddies and support!

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