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Thread: Journey to being comfortable

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    Current BMI: 35.1
    Goal BMI: 21.6

    Weight to Lose: 7st2lb
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    Cool Journey to being comfortable

    Not going to lie, I hate how I look at the moment. A man who works in a lab most of the days, a tight lab coat preventing me from turning without it hugging the side of my belly But now I am ready for this journey, a journey that will hopefully change my life for the good. As you may have noticed from my profile I am a 25 year old male Hematologist who is starting Exante Total solution tomorrow. I have always lacked motivation and i think thats what brought me here. Good Luck All.

    Kik: lupin123

    Week 1 -

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    Good luck, the first few days are the hardest but once those scales start to drop it's an amazing feeling.

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    Here we go again!

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    Good luck Lupin1. You sound as though you are ready to start this so just go for it!! Take one day at a time and stick with it, it really does work!!

    Week 1: -9lbs

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    Hey, welcome and good luck. It will take determination, there's no doubt. But you will see results fast and you will feel so much more comfortable in your lab coat in no time!
    Also, I would suggest that you start a diary thread and come on it every day to ramble a bit about your day and challenges and successes, I can tell you it has saved me from many a stumble, being able to vent and get support on there.

    Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you're right. - Henry Ford

    Don't risk it for a biscuit! (NOT Henry Ford )

    Restart on 6 May 2014: 15st3lb
    First Weigh In: 15st0.5lb
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    Third WI: 14st6lb
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    Fifth WI: 14st4.5lb
    Sixth WI: 14st2lb
    Seventh WI: 14st4lb (holiday, gained 2lb)
    Eighth WI: 13st13.5lb
    Ninth WI: 13st11.5lb
    Tenth WI: 13st11lb
    Eleventh WI: 13st5.5lb
    12th WI: 13st3lb
    13th WI: 13st1lb
    14th WI: 12st12lb
    15th WI: 12st8.5lb
    16th WI: 12st9.5lb holiday gain
    17th WI: 12st7lb


    • Get into 14s DONE
    • Lose 1 stone DONE
    • Get to 13st10lb (Club 10) by 31 August 2014 DONE
    • Lose 2 stone (13st3lb) DONE
    • Be 12st7lb or under on 30 November 2014 DONE
    • Be 12st2lb or under on 31 December 2014
    • Be in 11st bracket on 13th January 2015 and be still there when I get back from a week with family

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    Total Weight Loss: 0st9lb
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    % Lost 5%
    Hi Lupin. How's it going so far?
    Start weight:14st 2lb
    Total loss April to December 2013 - 32 lb
    2014 restart
    Starting weight 12st 12lb (18lb gain) Target loss 68 lb
    Week 1: 3lb loss (12st 9lb)
    Week 2: 2lb loss (12st 7lb)
    Week 3: 2lb loss (12st 5lb)
    Week 4: 2lb loss (12st 3lb)

    Short term goals
    • ​1stone loss (11st 12lb)
    • to get into the 11s
    • to be classed as 'overweight' and not 'obese' - 11st 4lb - BMI 29.9
    • 10% loss
    • 2 stone loss (10st 12lb)
    • 15% loss
    • 2.5 stone loss (10st 3lb)
    • 3 stone loss (9st 12lb)

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    Start Weight: 18st8.0lb
    Current Weight: 16st8.0lb
    Goal Weight: 13st7lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 36.3
    Current BMI: 32.4
    Goal BMI: 26.4

    Total Weight Loss: 2st0lb
    Weight to Lose: 3st1lb
    % Lost 10.77%
    Hi Lupin, hope you're doing ok? X

    Start weight THIS time: 18stone

    03/08/14 - 18st
    09/08/14 - 17st 4lb - 10lb
    16/08/14 - 16st 13lb - 5lb
    23/08/14 - 16st 9.5lb - 3.5lb
    30/08/14 - 16st 7.5lb - 2lb
    06/09/14 - 16st 7.5lb - STS so packed it in
    11/09/14 - Weight out of ketosis and off diet 16st 8lb. Epic fail.(+0.5lb)

    20/09/14 - HOLIDAY!! (Goal weight = 15st12lb)

    1st 6lb lost / 10 lb to go to holiday goal! - unable to achieve.

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