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Thread: mother of the bride

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    mother of the bride

    Hi everyone, thought it was time to introduce myself. I have being doing exante for just over five weeks T.S. I am pleased to announce I have lost 1 stone 2 pounds as of today. I did LT about four/five years ago and lost nearly 2 stone and then managed to lose nearly another stone low carbing. However, even though I maintained up to last year I felt that I had gone to skinny and started to look gaunt, at 55 this was not a good look. unfortunately due to illness and other factors I ended up putting too much weight back on and need to get on track for my daughter's wedding. Scotminx if you read this we look like we have similar aims my daughter get's married mid April. I DONT think I am going to lose another stone by then because there is a weeks holiday looming soon so will have to re-feed and also the hen night to go to. Bought my dress yesterday, very expensive but looks lovely. I am panicking it not fitting, if it becomes too loose, but would rather lose the weight and get it altered. I did not want to wait to the last minute and then panic buy, hope that makes sense, what a dilemma. Any way just wanted to thank everyone on this forum for your support which has helped tremendously. My turn now I think to support other's on their journey.

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    Diet: Exante Total Solution
    Height: 5ft0in
    Start Date: 01.01.14
    Start Weight: 19st4lb
    Current Weight: 16st4lb
    Goal Weight: 8st4lb
    Goal Date: Christmas 2014

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 52.7
    Current BMI: 44.5
    Goal BMI: 22.7

    Total Weight Loss: 3st0lb
    Weight to Lose: 8st0lb
    % Lost 15.56%
    Hello and welcome!

    The bigger picture

    My cruise goal 11th May


    January: 24lbs

    February: 11lbs

    March: 7lbs


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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy15 View Post
    Hello and welcome!
    thanks Darcy

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    Diet: Exante
    Height: 5ft10.5in
    Start Date: 11/02/2014
    Start Weight: 18st8lb
    Current Weight: 16st2.5lb
    Goal Weight: 13st7lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 36.8
    Current BMI: 32
    Goal BMI: 26.7

    Total Weight Loss: 2st5.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st9.5lb
    % Lost 12.88%
    That's an amazing loss in 2 weeks. Well done!

    11/02/14 - 18st 8lb
    14/02/14 - 18st 2.5lb (not 100% so not in ketosis yet) = 5.5 lb
    21/02/14 - 17st11lb (hoped for more due to ketosis) = 5.5 lb
    28/02/14 - 17st 5.5lb = 5.5 lb
    07/03/14 - 17st 1.5lb = 4.0 lb
    14/03/14 - 16st 13lb = 2.5 lb (Perhaps didn't drink enough??)
    21/03/14 - 16st 8.5lb = 4.5 lb
    28/03/14 - 16st 5.0 lb = 3.5 lb
    04/04/14 - 16st 2.5 lb = 2.5 lb

    total so far = 2st 5.5 lb

    Goal 1 = Get into ketosis! (Done 21/2)
    Goal 2 = Get into 16's (stones, sadly not clothes) (Done 14/3)
    Goal 3 = Monthly challenge: 14lb in 4 weeks from 14/3....
    Goal 4 = 15 stone by 10th May (holiday and friend's wedding)

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    Diet: Exante
    Height: 5ft6in
    Start Date: 7/2/12
    Start Weight: 14st0lb
    Current Weight: 12st12lb
    Goal Weight: 10st7lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 31.6
    Current BMI: 29
    Goal BMI: 23.7

    Total Weight Loss: 1st2lb
    Weight to Lose: 2st5lb
    % Lost 8.16%
    Welcome!! It's nice up have mothers of the bride as well as a collection of brides :-)

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