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Thread: Total solution or Working Solution?

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    Total solution or Working Solution?

    hello! I am new to Exante, I gained a lot of weight in a recent pregnancy (3-4 stone) and have tried to lose it using Herbalife, but the weight loss was too slow. I lost a stone then lost all motivation and had a major pig out put half of that back on. So I am pretty much back to square one and still look as though I'm at least six months pregnant!
    So i thought I would try something where the weight will come off fast, and give myself a time frame to lose most of it, as I need to know there is an end in sight.
    I am a bit scared of doing the total solution as i am afraid of feeling hungry - I did lipotrim a few years ago and after 2 weeks I cracked as I couldn't handle it. So I thought I'd do the working solution and have tried this a few days, having a couple of low carb snacks like chicken or ham and cheese. It's not been too bad so far.
    Not sure whether I should just do the total solution though? If I have done a few days working solution do you reckon I can morph into total solution without getting too hungry? I thought if I have three meal packs a day and am still really hungry I could always add a fourth - is that a good idea?

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    If you stick at Total Solution 100% for about three to four days you will enter Ketosis. Once you are in Ketosis you will not feel hungry.

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    As Super says once you're in ketosis you won't feel hungry, often it's the mental hunger that gets you.

    I'd say go TS if you can as it's easier than WS as you don't have to think about what food you can have as you just can't have any

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

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    I find total solution easier because the rules are simple - no food! But it's personal choice.

    I wouldn't recommend that you start with working solution if you intend on doing total eventually - I think it'll just prolong the agony, lol!

    If you want to do total solution, prepare yourself for feeling rubbish for 4 days and go for it 100%. Once you're in ketosis all you have to worry about then is drinking plenty and keeping your will-power.

    good luck xxxxxx

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